“HOM Re’s main strategy is to generate stable rental income and sales proceeds from its portfolio. Property rentals are an attractive asset class offering a unique blend of capital appreciation and yield. It is also an area where the Company expects to attain a market leadership position and to have the ability to transact quickly and effectively, particularly on larger opportunities. Therefore , HOM Re expects to acquire competitively priced assets and portfolios as they become available. HOM Re will strategically positions itself to take advantage of these types of opportunities by (i) maintaining appropriate resources, financial, staff, and systems, in order to be able to transact quickly, (ii) maintaining a market presence through individual and corporate relationships with agents, and potential vendors and (iii) closely monitoring the markets .

HOM Re will aim to increase its fee earning capability by identifying opportunities where it can align itself with parties who share common interests with the Companies, whether in the form of joint ventures or service provision roles where the Company could act as asset or property manager. This strategy is designed to allow HOM Re to increase the growing interest from investors, both in the UK and overseas, in investing in the UK residential property market whilst deploying their capital in an efficient manner. “